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Review: Story Circle Book Reviews

Not in The Pink was reviewed in May by Story Circle Reviews

Read it here: http://www.storycirclebookreviews.org/reviews/notinthepink.shtml

Here’s an excerpt:

I didn’t intend to read Not in the Pink in one sitting, but I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t intend to re-read Not in the Pink in another one-day sitting, but, again I couldn’t help myself. Let me be perfectly clear, I first read it in one evening because I was riveted to every word that Tina Martel wrote. The second reading was to revisit with the graphics, because I didn’t want to miss a single image or thought.

Tina Martel was diagnosed with Stage Two B breast cancer. Not in the Pinkchronicles her journey in word and in graphic artwork of various mediums. Her story is compelling. It is raw and it is real. Likewise, her artwork and photography is raw, real and very gutsy. More