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My Guest Post on Writers Digest

I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for Writers Digest called I Didn’t Plan To Write A Book, detailing how I started with the idea of creating sketchbooks as a way of coping with my cancer. These sketchbooks or scrapbooks, eventually became Not In The Pink. Here’s the process of evolving scrapbooks to a published book.

I Didn’t Plan to Write a Book – Writers Digest, 11/28/15

My Guest Post on Book Obsessed

My guest post on Not In The Pink was featured yesterday on Cecile Sune’s blog Book Obsessed:

I am a visual artist who accidently wrote a book. I never meant to write one. It just happened. I was diagnosed with Stage Two B Breast Cancer in 2011. My entire life changed in a heartbeat.

To read the post, click here:

Thank you Cecile!

Guest Post: Cancer and My Search for Enlightenment

I was delighted to write a guest post, Cancer and my Search for Enlightenment for Jean Campbell’s blog, No Boobs About It. Do you think we put too much pressure on ourselves to be better than we are? Do we have to battle cancer and be enlightened at the same time?

I look forward to your comments!